Get a no obligation offer Get Started Here
Get a no obligation offer Get Started Here
What happens after I submit my property information?

After you submit your property information, our team will go over the details to see if we need anything more from you. Once the post is approved, real estate investors will be able to find and view it on our site.

Investors will start contacting you to make offers on the house. Some may want to visit the house to meet you and assess what repairs the house needs.

Once an investor assesses your house and is interested, they’ll make an offer. You are under no obligation to accept an investor’s offer.

Do I have to fix anything in my house?

No. You do not need to fix anything on the house. Investors purchase houses "as is" and they will fix it up if they choose.

Who will buy my house?

You choose the investor and offer you’d like to move forward with. Some investors who contact you are wholesalers, meaning that they’ll present your house to their network of buyers and take what’s called an "assignment fee."

How do I get paid?

Funds are disbursed at closing, just like a traditional real estate transaction. The investor needs to obtain a clear title on your property. This means the timeframe to close will vary depending on how long it takes to obtain the title.

What if I owe back taxes or have a mortgage balance?

Most investors will work with you and a title company to order "payoffs" for any remaining mortgage and back taxes on the property.

When will I need to move?

Once you accept an offer from an investor and schedule a closing date, you’ll have a better idea about when exactly you need to move. Closing is when the final papers are signed, you are paid, and ownership of the property is transferred to the investor.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply tell us about your property by filling out this simple form. After the post is approved, investors will see your property and start making offers..

We are happy to answer any other questions you have! Simply contact us here.

How It Works


First, submit your information in the quick form above. The information will be verified within a few hours.


Once your post is live, buyers will begin contacting you to make offers and ask questions.


Once you accept an offer, you and the buyer will begin working towards a fast cash closing.

Contact us today to begin receiving free, no risk, no obligation offers on your house.

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